bright young thing (delryium) wrote in drumshark,
bright young thing

1.How long have you been a fan of Duel Jewel?
Somewhere around September of 2001. Sophie got some of their CDs, and I Bought it to support the band.
2. How did you find out about them?
Sophie ^_^
3. What's your favorite song?
Promise, Etsu, Binah, Sepia. I have to pick just one?? :O
4. Who's your favorite member?
I love them all, for various reasons. I don't really have a favorite. I spent most of akon paying attention specifically to Yuya though, so he knew that SOME people out there love him. Apparently, he's not very big in Japan. poor boy.

I like Yuya cause he's sweet, and adorable and squishy. ^_^
I like Hayato cause he's a flirt, and outshines anything in a 20 mile radius
I like Shun cause. he's sarcastic.
I like Val cause Val seems to take a genuine interest in knowing people, and is very dedicated and kind.
I like Natsuki, cause he's a hoodlum.

See, can you pick just one??
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